Neighborhood Watch

A neighborhood by definition is a geographically localized area. The word could also be used to characterize that area e.g. rough neighborhood, upscale neighborhood, family oriented neighborhood etc. but it is more than just a geographical area. It is a community. A community defined by the residents that live there. We, who reside in Brant Beach, are fortunate to live in a safe and RELATIVELY crime free neighborhood.

The executive board of YOUR Brant Beach Homeowners Association, headed by our president, Pat Prout have worked tirelessly to keep the quality of life in our neighborhood to the highest standards achievable. In doing so we have formed a neighborhood surveillance program commonly known as a Neighborhood Watch.

A neighborhood watch by definition is a group of civilians devoted to the prevention of crime and vandalism within the neighborhood. In essence the neighborhood watch is a crime prevention program that stresses education and common sense. Education and commonsense epitomizes the meaning of the neighborhood watch program. Our goal is to teach common ordinary citizens to identify and report suspicious activities within the neighborhood. We strive to focus on observation and awareness as a means of preventing crime and vandalism. Be vigilant. Get to know your neighbors. Introduce yourselves. Simply promoting social interaction and watching out for each other can do wonders to strengthening a neighborhood. Let your neighbors know if your property is to be unoccupied for any length of time. They can keep an eye out for you.

In this day and age of technology, we are blessed (and cursed) by the technical world that we live in. With our smart phones and tablets we can record suspicious activities remotely. Take a photo of people, places and things. Note suspicious activities like license plate numbers, physical descriptions of people, places and things. Time of day. Day and date etc. Report them to our local police department who are qualified to take action. They are sworn to serve and protect our community and they do a great job. Please remember That we are NOT police officers and should not attempt to thwart a crime. Let's keep Brant Beach safe and free of crime and vandalism. As NEIGHBORS we can maintain our way of life that we so cherish.

We are looking for Neighborhood Watch Captains who can organize an area within a few blocks of your home. Please sign up at the next meeting (Sept 17th). Get involved!.



Brant Beach Homeowners Association

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 23-Jul-2016 Brant Beach Neighborhood Watch meeting:

Pat began the meeting by reminding those in attendance that building relationships with neighbors makes for a safer neighborhood. Pat also highlighted the materials in the folder, including the Brant Beach Homeowners Association membership application, information regarding house numbers, vacant home registration, and a reference sheet. Pat also has Brant Beach Neighborhood Watch forms available for interested parties.

Officer Keller provided reminders and helpful information for us:

  • Keeping off the dunes in an important issue for Long Beach Township, especially with replenishment and dune fencing projects in progress. Please remind your neighbors and friends to stay off the dunes.
  • Secure your belongings; please ensure cars are always locked. An unlocked vehicle is an easy target for a thief.
  • Please report any suspicious activity to the Long Beach Township Police Department (nonemergency number is 609-494-3322). Officer Keller stated it is better for the Police Department to check out a report and find out it is nothing than to not investigate and subsequently find out it was something.
  • National Night Out – Police Community Fun Night is an upcoming event hosted by the Long Beach Township Police Department; it will take place in Bayview Park on 02-Aug-2016. Please check the Long Beach Township Police Department Web site ( for additional details.
  • Long Beach Township Police Department Facebook page ( has issued a warning related to Pokémon Go.
  • Please be aware that all areas of the beaches, including the area around the benches, are nonsmoking. Officer Keller will follow up with the Sandpaper about issuing a press release.
  • Please contact Long Beach Township (609-361-1000) if garbage is improperly disposed.
  • Please note that Long Beach Township has a program where you can arrange for a Township employee to come pick up your old television (or you can drop off your old television at the Southern Ocean Recycling Center in Stafford Township). Thieves may interpret an old television at the curb as a sign that a new television has been purchased.
  • Please remember to walk against traffic when there isn’t a sidewalk available and bicycle with traffic. To make yourself more visible, please consider using a light (or blinking light) when walking or bicycling, regardless of time of day.


Please contact Officer Keller (609-494-3322) if you would like fraud prevention information or Street Smart tip cards for pedestrian safety. She also has tent cards for restaurants and other interested parties.

Pat will follow up with the Mayor about the possibility of having a designated area for dogs (ie, dog beach). The Long Beach Township dog park is open to dogs. Pat will also follow up about having more dog bag dispensers.

Please join us immediately after the Long Beach Township meeting on 01-Aug-2016 for the Bayview Park dedication in memory of Bill Kunz. We hope to see you there.


Pat Prout                                                            Eileen Girten

President                                                            Secretary



BB Neighborhood Watch Meeting Recap:  May 2016

Your responsibilities as a participant in the BBNW is to look out for your neighborhood. You are the eyes for the Long Beach Township Police Department, especially when they may not have as much time to patrol during the summer because they are responding to calls.

If you have an emergency, please call 9-1-1 and not the Long Beach Township nonemergency number (609-494-3322) because the Long Beach Township Police Department is not a 911 dispatch. If you call 911, your location is immediately pinpointed. The county dispatch will contact fire and emergency personnel. When contacting the Long Beach Township Police Department, please give your street number (instead of name). It is helpful to the Dispatchers.

Long Beach Township Police Department will be doing bike demonstrations and K9 demonstrations. Please check the Long Beach Township Police Department Web site (

If you have clothing to recycle, there is a recycling bin at the Long Beach Township Recycling Center. Another one will be at the ACME after construction. These recycling bins accept textiles. Clothing is sorted for items that can be reused. Otherwise, textiles are shredded then are recycled into new things, such as ceiling tiles. If you notice one of these recycling bins is full, please contact LBT Police Department. The money earned from these recycling bins goes toward community policing.

Officer Keller also spoke of a recent phone scam where the scammers indicate they are from the Internal Revenue Service. A helpful resource is the FTC informational pamphlets, which may be obtained from their Web site ( ). They collect data and sometimes are successful in catching the scammers. In addition, people can register on the DoNotCall list ( It is recommended you update/renew the DoNotCall list every 6 months. Officer Keller also recommended that if you suspect a phone call may be a scam, pause and ask questions. Regarding social media, Officer Keller recommends to be careful what is posted. You can visit the Help menu for the specific social media application and inquire about turning off your location services (eg, set Facebook to private). It may be helpful to create a separate e-mail for social media.

Street Smart will kick off in July. Street Smart educates the public about enforcement.

What may be the first Hawk Light in Ocean County will be installed in North Beach. It looks like a traffic light and will turn red and when all Surf City lights are red so people may cross the boulevard safety at the Surf City/North Beach border.

Frank Santiago will be the liaison for the Brant Beach Homeowners Association and BBNW.

Frank asked that the BBNW participants be vigilant. Cell phones may be used to take picture of anything suspicious. Be vigilant of your surroundings. Introduce yourself to your neighbors. Feel free to hand out helpful resources, such as the Vacant Homes form.  If you see something suspicious, please call the Long Beach Township Police Department at 609-494-3322 while it is happening.