Brant Beach

Homeowners Association

“At the Heart of Long Beach Township” 

Spring Meeting 2019

 Saturday June 1st

Municipal Building Court Room

10:00 AM – 12:00 PM  


Dear Brant Beach Neighbors:

Looks like we made it through the winter and with the help of our ever-changing climate, the biggest storm on the bay may have been around Thanksgiving. Now that we are less than two months from the Summer Solstice (when our days start getting shorter) we have yet to experience a full week of warm weather. I’m confident it will be here soon and in time for all of us to start enjoying our beautiful beaches.

As I’m writing this, it seems that there is a never-ending “improvement” program going on up and down the Boulevard. This time it’s new sewer lines, …. or was that last time? As soon as they finish repaving the boulevard, they seem to cut it open again. The flashing sign in front of our township center reminds us to keep right, pass left, but doesn’t tell us where to buy the new shock absorbers needed as a result of the bumpy ride in the slow lane.

Below are the subjects that will be reported on and open to discussion at our Saturday June 1st Spring Meeting.

    • Tax revaluation of all properties:  how It will work and what’s the time line

    • Planned additional parking spaces within Bayview Park 

    • Construction update at the well and water treatment facility in Brant Beach

    • New Ocean County Fire Marshal regulations and requirements for all rental properties.

    • Requirement of all homes to have water meters:   where to get them, when and where they need to be installed

    • Review of existing trash and recycling regulations, including container size and type, as well as location and design of trash container corrals (garbage bins) 

    • Continued flooding of our streets

    • Expanded bus and gator services

    • LBI and Southern Regional school progress report

    • Summer activities at Bayview Park

Please let us know if you have a topic that you would like to have added to the above. Either let a board member know or, better yet, send us an email at

To all those that have paid this year’s dues, still only $20, and for those that have not but will at the meeting, we will have another gift for you to help save our environment.

Thank you in advance for your participation and support.

We look forward to our 2019 summer season in Brant Beach. 


Brant Beach Homeowners Association 

John Fiore, President

Steve Havelka, Vice President

Bob Innocenzi, Treasurer

Elileen Girten, Secretary

Pat Prout, Admin Assistant

Tony Bakum, School Board Liaison

Frank Santiago, Activities, Community Outreach

Bill Strasser, Legal Counsel







P. O. BOX 2316



Dear BBHA Members,

 If you haven’t already read or heard about the latest Washington proposal to affect our LBI paradise, I would like to alert you of the of the possibility of having drilling platforms, similar to what exists today in the Gulf of Mexico, coming to the shores off of New Jersey. One of our members alerted us of an organization that is working to oppose this proposal. In turn, we alerted our Township and they passed a resolution on February 4th “Opposing Offshore Oil and Gas Activities. 

 If you agree, you can help by going to Clean Ocean Action’s Web site and read about what has been proposed. They provide information on how you can help by letting Washington know your opinion, online or by mail. The window of opportunity is short because comments must be received by March 9th, 2018. Their Web site is:

 Thank you for your support

John Fiore



December, 2017


          Snowflakes have begun to gently fall onto our poles in Brant Beach!  There seems to be an issue with Atlantic City Electric getting our Snowflakes lit but it is beginning to look brighter every day.

          We would like to thank all of those who donated money very generously to this project:

Brian & Cate Cunningham

Bonnie DeBouter & Peter Davis

Peter & Mary Ellen Egbert

Frank & Donna Erhard

Patrick & Joanna Filosa

George & Linda Filosa

John & Ginger Finlayson

Jacqueline Finnerty

John & Noel Fiore

John & Kate Flavin

Bob & Mary Ann Giaquinto – In Memory of Bill Kunz

Jessica Hoffman

Michael & Joanne LaQuaglia

Andy & Kathy Maron

Lynn Mountain – In Memory of George Mountain

Dennis & Doris O’Dea

Pat & Carol Pottichen

John & Pat Prout

Frank & Maureen Santiago

Hubert & Lori Streep

Kenny and Vickie Ward


          BOCCE:  We would also like to thank Dr. Michael Aaron for our Bocce Scoreboards:  Bocce is a good way to keep moving and the Scoreboards keep us honest!


          WEATHER STATION:  The LBI Foundation has launched a local online weather station, giving area residents much more localized information than we would be able to find on other sites.  The weather station grew out of a “marshcam” which began operating in the Spring.

          Rick Bushnell, who heads the Foundation Science Committee, said the marshcam is accessible by logging onto, and then click “science” at the top of the home page.  Just below and to the right is a link to the weather station.

          Try it,  it's fascinating!


          Below is our Brant Beach sign all “Decked Out” for the Holidays!



          John Fiore, our President, and the entire BBHO Board of Directors, wish you a Wonderful Holiday Season and a Very Safe and Happy New Year!




 P.O. Box 2316

         Brant Beach, NJ  08008


September 23, 2017 Meeting Minutes


Board Members Present: Tony Bakum, John Fiore, Steve Havelka, Bob Innocenzi, Pat Prout, and Eileen Girten;        Absent: Frank Santiago, Bill Strasser

Pledge of Allegiance led by John Fiore

John Fiore announced that he is President of the Brant Beach Homeowners Association. Pat Prout will continue to serve on the Board.

Treasurer’s Report (Bob Innocenzi):

  • The balance as of 01-Sep-2017 is $1065, which does not include dues for new year.
  • Half of the membership has sent in their dues.
  • If you are paying by check and your LBI address is not on the check, please add it in the memo blank on the check.
  • Thank you for donations; they are greatly appreciated.

Schools update (Tony Bakum):

  • Two members of the Long Beach Island school board are opposed to the sale of Long Beach Island grade school.
  • The costs to fix both the Long Beach Island and Ethel Jacobson schools would have cost nearly 18.4 million dollars (if referendum is approved).  The costs to fix both schools have increased.
  • If referendum is not approved 3 times, it will then go to the state.

Joint Council of Taxpayers Association (Pat Prout):

  • The Joint Council of LBI Taxpayers passed a motion to do a feasibility study with other towns to adjust the funding formula for the Southern Regional School District (presently 10% of island students account for 80% of costs)
  • The island mayors met the week of 17-Sep-2017 to discuss the feasibility study; there was a good consensus at the end of the meeting
  • The cost of the feasibility study and a referendum to change the funding formula will likely cost $600,000 and may take 8-10 years.
  • The Beach Haven First Aid squad needs EMTs; if interested, Beach Haven First Aid squad will provide training. In addition, interested parties who do not live locally may be eligible for housing assistance. (
  • Doctor Michael Aaron has generously donated a bocce score board. A plaque will be installed as a thank you.
  • Snowflakes will be on the poles and lit by Thanksgiving. Anyone interested in purchasing a snowflake (neighbors could pool donations for a snowflake) may contact Pat Prout.

LBI Chamber of Commerce Activities (Steve Havelka):

  • Chowderfest 30-Sep-2017 and 01-Oct-2017
  • Kitefest 07-Oct-2017- and 08-Oct-2017
    • Flea market in Bayview park
    • Night flight in Barnegat Light
  • Election day is Tuesday, 07-November-2017. There will be a referendum asking voters to approve a fare for the shuttle buses to help with operating costs. Presently, Long Beach Township is paying for the program, with small amounts contributed by the other municipalities. Ridership has increased from last year to over 110,000 riders this year. If voters approve the referendum, the island shuttles will be allowed to charge a fee.  At this time, that is not allowed and we want to be sure that we have monies for repair and replacement of buses as necessary.

Officer Megan Keller:

  • Is a full-time community officer, who will continue teaching Drug Abuse Resistance Education (DARE) in fall
  • Also provides education about installing car seats.
  • Runs Long Beach Township Police Department activities with Parks and Recreation (eg, National Night Out, Bike Safety) in summer
  • Although there are no clothing textile recycling bins in the Township, there is a shed behind the Beach Haven Fire Company building. There is a clothing textile recycling bin in the parking lot of the ACME market in Stafford Township.
  • Officer Keller and Angela Andersen are investigating options for clothing textile recycling.


Before the meeting concluded, an announcement was made that beach replenishment will begin soon.


Additional Notes:

Sincere apologies from the Commissioners—there was a communication gap and they did not get the message that we were having a meeting.  I now have their direct e-mail addresses and will send personal messages in the future with our meeting dates.


Please remember to follow what is going on in Brant Beach if you are not here by going to the Township website (  From there you can access the webcam at 38th Street to check the Boulevard traffic and find out many more things that are going on in Long Beach Township!

Please remember to read the Sandpaper also for all of the local activities.


It is time to pay your BBHO Dues.  If you have not already done so, please mail your check for $20.00 to the address above.  We are also collecting money for the Snowflakes that will be installed on the poles by Thanksgiving.


If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to send an e-mail.


We at Brant Beach are happy to welcome the Island Market to our neighborhood.  If you have not been there yet, you may want to give it a try.  I love the convenience of this store.  The prices are very reasonable and the quality is exceptional.  Eggs are only $1.99. Cold cuts and Boars Head are the same price as the supermarket.  They have very interesting and quality specialty items.  They now are open only on the weekends, so please remember to stop by and visit them.


IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT:  Dr. Michael Aaron has generously offered to cover the cost of our Bocce Equipment.  We are in the process of ordering the equipment!!


Brant Beach Homeowners Association

P.O. Box 2316

Brant Beach, NJ  08008



10-Jun-2017 Brant Beach Homeowners Association Meeting Minutes

Present: Pat Prout, Steve Havelka, Frank Santiago, Eileen Girten, Tony Bakum

Absent: John Fiore, Bill Strasser, and Bob Innocenzi

Opened with the Pledge of Allegiance and Welcome from President Prout

Mayor Mancini:

  • Q&A session
    • The Township has received most of the reimbursement for Superstorm Sandy and was recently reimbursed from Ocean County.
    • Attendees complimented the Mayor on the recently installed handrails to the beach.
    • The MTV session was a one-time filming, which generated revenue for the island.

Commissioner Lattanzi:

  • Shuttles:
    • There were approximately 80,000 riders in 2016; it is estimated that there may be 100,000 riders this year.
    • Paul Vereb is in charge of the shuttle and is currently working on a second grant.
    • Riders may tip or provide contributions.
    • If the shuttle doesn’t stop for you at the corner, it is because the shuttle is full; however, there is an app to keep track of the shuttle. (
    • The total administrative budget is $20,000.
  • Tax issues
    • Commissioner Lattanzi spoke about the cost for students from the island to attend Southern Regional School District.
    • On 08-Jun, Vito Gagliardi, who is from the law firm of Porzio, Bromberg & Newman, gave a presentation at the Harvey Cedars Bible Conference to discuss the Southern Regional School District funding issue (disparity in how much the island pays per student versus Stafford Township’s per pupil cost). Mr Gagliardi discussed options, and said that it would likely be a 10-year process and may be costly in the short term, but then save money over the long term.


Commissioner Bayard:

  • Water and sewer
    • New sewers from 80-89th street
    • Water main from Bayview Park down to Beach Haven (Blvd)
      • County to come in and pave Boulevard after the underground is done
    • New Gazebo in Bayview Park
    • There is a new feature for concerts on the ocean front of 68th
    • Handrails on each beach entrance have been installed.
    • Grant money is keeping costs down; the Township spent approximately $35 million on infrastructure.
    • Q&A
      • 66th street (vehicle access) – will there be railings on beach entry?
      • Township is to receive $200,000 to fix streets.
      • Gators are available this year.
      • There was a request to put a fence on the West side of 67th and 68th
      • Another attendee indicated water is pooling on bayside streets. Commissioner Bayard will follow up.
    • New treatment plants will be constructed in Beach Haven Terrace, Holgate, and then next year in Brant Beach.
    • Work has been done on gas mains from 31st street to near Daddy O’s. Streets will be repaved.

Pat Prout:   Treasurer’s report:  All bills are current

  • Island Market generously donated food for the Brant Beach Homeowners Picnic.
  • Last year’s Treasurer’s report:
    • A dozen snowflake light decorations were installed in Brant Beach. Each snowflake light fixture cost nearly $600.
    • People are welcome to donate to purchase a snowflake. If a group of people wish to pool their money and purchase a snowflake for their street, please contact Pat.
    • Next year’s anticipated projects (depending on the budget) may include purchasing bocce equipment and sponsoring a concert in Bayview.
    • A few attendees suggested sending e-mails to request donations for future projects.

Steve Havelka:

  • The LBI shuttles are operational and running on a longer schedule than last year.
  • You may call the phone number for shuttle transportation office (next to Acme) to determine where a shuttle is at a given time (609-342-2111).
  • The phone number for the Gator (4 Gators) is 609-342-2111 (from 10AM to 5PM). Please note it takes approximately 15 minutes for the Gator to arrive. When calling the number, please specify your street number so you can meet at the end of the street to be taken to and from the beach.
  • The LBI Kite Fest is scheduled for Columbus Day Weekend and will include activities at Bayview Park. For more information (or to volunteer), please visit the LBI Chamber of Commerce Web site.
  • The Township will be offering concerts throughout the summer on Monday and Tuesday evenings along with adding Sunday afternoons.
  • Van Dyke insurance agency is offering private flood insurance information. Private flood insurance is now available through insurance companies.
  • Traffic cameras are being installed on 35th street and also the bridge. You may view the traffic cams on the Brant Beach Homeowners Web site and the LBI Chamber of Commerce site, so you can see what is happening on the island year round.  They are not operational yet, but we will notify you when they are up and running.

Tony Bakum:

  • The sale of the LBI school is likely to exceed $18 million. A vote is on the ballot this fall that would tie funding to the Ethel Jacobson school to the sale of the LBI school.
  • Five of the 6 municipalities have passed a resolution against the referendum (Harvey Cedars did not pass resolution).

Joni Bakum:

  • A series of concerts are scheduled at Bayview Park on Monday and Tuesday nights ( Joni has recruited other local businesses to pay for the concerts to cut down on taxpayer costs. (Shop local and support your local businesses.)
  • The Township is partnering with the LBI Arts Council, a nonprofit, to bring arts and culture:
    • Monday night series, young, local bands
    • Tuesday nights- bigger bands
    • Sundays at 68th street (Facedown) on ocean side from 1-3PM
    • Young, local acoustic artists will also perform on the 68th street ocean front
  • There will also be competitions (will need to pay to participate), such as the ladies’ stand-up paddleboard (SUP) challenge.
  • Angela Anderson at the Township is partnering with local restaurants to collect shells that will be used to build an oyster reef.
  • A Veterans Memorial Park has been established in the Terrace section.
  • Enforcement of beach badges began on 17-Jun and are free for veterans.

Pat Prout:

  • There are 373 members.
  • A mailing was sent to new homeowners. Another mailing will be sent to new members in July.
  • The Welcome to Brant Beach sign has been repaired and reinstalled.
  • Beach posts are up to 60th street (will be going up to around 72nd and 73rd St)
  • A friendly reminder that bicycles ride with traffic and people walk against traffic.




Have you left for the winter. Notify our neighborhood watch coordinator,
click on the link on this page